Re-release: Dead Man’s Curve

2016 has not been the year I thought was it was going to be on New Year’s Eve. All of my plans for writing got thrown out the window when Amber Quill told its authors they were closing the doors at the end of March. I won’t lie. It threw me. Hard. Against a very immovable wall. Because the reality of that closure meant I would have forty solo titles and fifty-three Jamie Craig titles that would be homeless.

While some of my fellow authors started submitting to other publishers right away, I took the closure as an opportunity to re-edit my older works before I began the process. I didn’t actually begin until April 1, and while it’s been slow-going–life has a tendency to get in the way, like RT and edits on the first stories that were contracted, not to mention everything going on with my teenaged kids and the fact that we’re hosting an international exchange student this year–the first of those stories has finally become available again!

Dead_Mans_Curve_400x600Originally published in 2009, Dead Man’s Curve is about two of my obsessions–live theater and reincarnation. I was a theater major in college with dreams of Broadway before I switched over to film (because an impossible ex-boyfriend somehow convinced me that film would be more practical than theater, haha!), and I have never lost my love for the art. Getting to write about the process of getting a play from the page to the stage, while letting two guys I adore fall in love, was as close to nirvana as I could get. Plus, JMS Books gave me the opportunity to expand it slightly, so now the version that’s available is even better in my opinion.

But don’t take my word for it! Head over to JMS Books and check out the excerpt. It’s available all this week for 20% off, too. Talk about a deal!

2016 Vivien Dean