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Two Lives in Waltz Time

waltzsmallMaddy Cardinale loves her art restoration job at a prestigious New York museum. She wouldn’t even mind working the night shift if it wasn’t for her annoying colleague, Cash Vinci. Charismatic, confident to a fault, sexy as hell…Cash seems bound and determined to get under her skin.

Cash’s specialty is ancient weaponry—knives, swords, clubs—but when it comes to sharp, nothing comes close to Maddy’s icy wit. If only she’d learn to lighten up, she’d see that appearances are deceiving. Just thinking about touching that amazing skin of hers makes him break into a sweat.

An unusual painting’s arrival provides a welcome distraction—until a fleeting touch unleashes a magic that flings them out of their workshop and into the 1940s nightclub portrayed on the canvas. They’re dressed to kill, and so are the mobsters and molls who surround them. Worse, they learn all too quickly that the club sells more than drinks.

Trapped in a deadly dance, they race to unravel the spell that traps them in a world where the only safe place is Cash’s bed. On that fragile foundation, they forge a trust that just might grow into something lasting. If their dance isn’t cut short…

GENRE: Het, time travel, paranormal, erotic romance

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Chains of Jericho

chainssmallDeclan Jericho is a vampire with a purpose. His best hope for success rests on the shoulders of a brilliant young cancer specialist, but saving the undead isn’t exactly the career path Dr. Maya Sheldon has in mind.

When Dec kidnaps Maya from work, the last thing she wants to do is help him. Then she discovers what he wants her for: develop a cure for the mysterious illness killing the young vampires in his care. Vampires or not, she’s unable to abandon them. Her interest in Dec quickly shifts from professional to something more intimate, but as their attraction grows, darker secrets threaten their newfound relationship. Dec has his own reasons for wanting the young vampires cured, and he’s not telling…

GENRE: Het, paranormal, vampire, erotic romance

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Price of a Tattooed Soul

soulsmallLydia Nicholls lives an ordinary life. She works, she has the occasional date, she struggles with her weight. Only one thing sets her life apart from others–the anonymous music boxes she receives every year on her birthday.

When she turns thirty, everything changes. This box comes with a name. As soon as Lydia utters it out aloud, she disappears from her ordinary LA life and wakes up in the care of the man responsible for the annual gifts. The only catch is…she’s in Montana. In 1894. With a man who has magic at his fingertips.

It takes little time for her to grow comfortable with her temporary host, but in spite of his gentle nature, Del Wessner is a man with a past he’s determined to shield Lydia from. Together, they’ll weather mysterious attacks on his home, not-so-mysterious attacks on his Kootenai friends, and the fact that in less than a month, Lydia will return to Los Angeles and her own time. Alone.

GENRE: Het, paranormal, time travel, erotic romance

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Under a Rogue Moon

roguesmallAll it takes is one bad night for hunter to become prey.

When werewolf hunter Flanna McRae allows a single wolf to escape from her monthly hunt, the last thing she expects is for him to come after her. But fellow hunter Jason Randolph is convinced otherwise. His months-long hunt of the Romm pack has led him straight to the doorstep of her quiet English home. He doesn’t care that his quick-witted charm seems to get under Flanna’s skin. All he wants is to finally get his kill.

Until Flanna manages to get under his skin as well.

Their explosive affair is inevitable, but with the full moon less than three weeks away, Flanna’s convinced they are living on borrowed time. Romm is deadly and relentless, and it’s going to take more than the passion Jason inspires to stop the werewolf from destroying everything she cares about. Or is it finally enough?

GENRE: Het, paranormal, werewolf, erotic romance

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