All updated!

I slacked on updating for the last part of 2016, but I’m all caught up now! There are a few more re-releases on the site–well, more than a few, and there’s more yet to come. Even better, I just signed a new contract with Dreamspinner Press for a novel that will be released in their […]

New contracts for older stories

Bit by bit, story by story, I’m getting my backlist out there again. The latest, Silences of Fallen Stars, came out September 3 at JMS Books, and there’s one a month through the rest of the year. I also just signed contracts for five others, four that were orphaned after Amber Quill closed and one that I […]

Release date change!

As is the way of the e-publishing world, the release date for Bridge Over Troubled Water was adjusted slightly. Instead of coming out in November, it comes back into the world–slightly expanded to include more background and insight into Brady and Cole’s history/relationship–on October 18. Working on the edits for it over the past summer reminded […]

Something new, something old

Whew! It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks. Not only did I have two older stories get re-released, but my second collaboration with the fabulous Rick Reed, Stranded with Desire, came out as well! I knew there was going to be a bit of a pile-up at the beginning of August, but I didn’t […]

The state of me

With the first of my re-releases out of the way, it feels only right I should catch everybody up on the state of me. First off, I’m moving my blog to live here permanently. Everything in one place just seems so much more efficient, you know what I mean? My apologies to anyone who goes […]

Site Redesign

With all the changes in the past six months, I decided it was time for a site redesign. I’m still in the process of tweaking, but at least the bare bones of it is up, just in time for the first of my re-releases coming out on July 23!

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